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Bahar-Falcon is a company environmental study and Management, Professional integrated with a larga por dentro de los campos Trayectoria of environmental education, studios and ornithological faunísticos, sanidad environmental captive breeding of raptors, falconry and wild fauna Veterinario tratamiento.

Los trabajos realizados from the reintroduction of the Pilgrim Falcon in the cities of Sabadell and Manresa Study of environmental impact and biodiversity, food preparation of agenda 21 Kits recoveries and wildlife habitats, environmental monitoring and education, until the birds to control pests urbanas Técnicas of falconry with ...


Mas Ullastre...
Mas Ullastre (hands Oleastrum) Núcleo inhabited since s. X is the first Escuela de Cataluña scepter.

Mas is a century farmhouse. XVIII located in the neck Aves within the period of municipal St. .. Clement Sescebes (Girona), and very close to the area of ​​natural beauty of the poplars.

La Escuela de todo tipo of facilities available, and Bird materiales para las clases under a optical Development Environmental Education and Conservation fomentando the middle of the RESPECT by nature.